Want 1:1 Instagram help?
Need a Content Creation Strategy that works?
Have a passion that you want to monetize?
We got you.

Instagram can be super frustrating. Between the algorithm, the hashtags, the content strategy, all of the different features, it can be mind-numbing and downright daunting to try to take this on solo.

That’s where we come in.

We have been building an audience of 1,1 million followers, and we have helped many artists, and entrepreneurs to build a following on Instagram. We want to help you get unstuck with social media, kill the anxiety around creating content, and give you an actual plan to go from A to B without pulling your hair out. 


It will be a 1:1 coaching program with our Founder.

We’ll connect once a week for one hour for a period of 8 weeks, via video on Zoom.

We’ll pack as much as we can during those 60 minutes, so that you walk away feeling inspired, heard, and ready to take action.

The ideal will help you to move forward, set up a specific plan, and help you define some strategies for content creation and Instagram. You would get some exercise weekly and some feedback on the work, with an evaluation of your progress every week.

It would cost 1000€ for the entire program.

Sound good? Please send us a DM to fix details.